There is exam help latest interest in traumatisation skilled by healthcare workers; even though, there appears examination help be discord as exam help the formal definitions of burnout, secondary stress syndrome, secondary tension in traumatology, secondary victimisation, secondary annoying rigidity, secondary survivor, compassion fatigue quiz help vicarious traumatisation Coetzee quiz help Klopper 2010:241. Thus, subsequently the terms getting used interchangeably lead exam help confusion quiz help management of the situation Coetzee quiz help Klopper 2010:235. Burnout is related with emotions of hopelessness quiz help problems in coping with work or in doing all of your job with no trouble Stamm 2010:13. Burnout may also be further described as a syndrome composed of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, quiz help discount of private accomplishments Stamm 2010:13. When burnout occurs, the physical quiz help intellectual capability of the caregiver is affected which brings exam help feeling of poor self idea quiz help attitudes towards work; enthusiasm quiz help vigor of working diminishes, hence compromises delivery of high quality nursing care Keidel 2002:200; Stamm 2010:13. Despite nurses displaying compassion fatigue, as exam help poor outcome of future experience of empathy for traumatised sufferers or consumers, compassion satisfaction also can result, which is exam help feeling of pleasure that is derived from ably discharging ones tasks Alkema et al.